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TOTALLY CUSTOMISED – UNBELIEVABLE SAVINGS (almost 50% compared to hiring someone)
No benefits to pay, No overtime pay, No contributions and No entitlements to worry about 

Don't just settle for the set standard - We are in the NEW-NORMAL world now
This is not customer service or sales support, but more of a hands-on remote support service

FOR  shops, warehouses, retail, home-based businesses or other smaller firms
We have no minimum order requirements

# Do you have odd jobs from time which you find hard to cope with

# Do you actually need another temp staff to do the extra work?

# Would you really want to go into an employment obligation?

# Would you really help with additional people working in your store?

# Do you have extra work during the peak seasons?

# Do you have just short-term occasional requirements?

For just a one-off job – Check how much you could save


Creating 100 custom offer packs (say 3 items set)

Label stickers - print and attach

Tag and repackage



Expected wage to pay - £ 9 X 8 hrs = £ 72

Leaving aside the financial contributions and entitlements



Remote Assistant charge of £ 30

Miscellaneous packing items ( excluding stationery, envelopes, packaging boxes) - £ 3

Postage/Courier (pickup and return) - £ Actual

No other hidden costs or charges, unless you have additional requirements

Please click examples below for some typical job types.

Example-1       Example-2        Example-3

Please fill in the WORK DETAILS FORM, so we will be able to quote you.

You will be AMAZED at your savings

Do not take our word for it - just request a quote for price comparison

We are here to help

We provide total remote support, PHYSICAL not digital.

Jobs can be totally bespoke and customized, as per your specific requirement.

We will be totally flexible and every requirement could be totally bespoke with us

No long-term contracts to sign – just Pay-as-you-go service

Do not have to worry about holiday pays, overtime, leaves, bonus or other entitlement

You can either supply all the packing materials required or we can source them for you.

We also have a production unit for manufacturing logo printed bespoke boxes, stickers, tags, sleeves or other printed packaging items, We will BEAT ANY other UK quote for a similar custom made and printed packaging product by atleast 25%.


We serve all kinds of shop , warehouse, retail, home-based businesses and smaller firms.

Some typical job types are - 

* Label and custom pack items (We can also print the labels, heat seal and shrink wrap items)

* Insert free offer packs (We can provide customized packaging bags or boxes)

* Create smaller packets (piece-wise or weight-wise) from a bulk pack or vice versa

* Barcode labelling, sticker affixing or price alterations (We can print barcode, price stickers)

* Prepare offer/gift packs with multi-items (We can provide custom-partition boxes)

* Arrange and post (We can provide logo printed envelopes and address label them)

* Gift wrap items and prepare postal packaging accordingly

* Mix-n-match and pack items (Can be as varied as required)

* Customised fulfilment services (totally bespoke)

* Print, address label and send out mailers, inserting offer items, if required

You can either supply all the packing materials required or we can source/manufacture (branded boxes) for you.


How does it work

  1. Fill in the work requirement form - please click here WORK DETAILS FORM

  2. Add an image/video, if you find it hard to explain

  3. We will come back and discuss on it with a quote

  4. If you are happy, we will have it picked up by a courier

  5. We can also provide an image/video if the job is complicated and will require your approval

  6. We will finalise the work and despatch by courier or arrange the post.

I am afraid but we normally do not undertake jobs in fragile or valuable items.

Other work will be assessed and then confirmed before we undertake the job.

Apply Today

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